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One of the blogs I read regularly is from Matt Cutts, one of the Google Webspam people (some fluff, some stuff, and occasionally some really good tips on SEO).  A recent post delineated the browser stats for his blog visitors, and I was astonished at the almost 60% Firefox share.

Went to check the stats on a non-techy (restaurant) site and, while not in the 60% range, the growth of Firefox as a browser has been very strong and shows a jump from 5% to 27% usage. Are you seeing a similar trend on sites that you webmaster?

MS Internet Explorer – 83.6 %
Safari – 5.5 %
Firefox – 4.6 %

MS Internet Explorer – 66.9 %
Firefox – 17.6 %
Safari – 11.4 %

MS Internet Explorer – 51.3 %
Firefox – 27.2 %
Safari – 18.4 %

I’m also seeing a 10% jump in Macintosh visitors (from 16% to 25%) with a corresponding drop in Windows (from 81% to 71%) in the same time period.

It really isn’t a Windows/IE only world out there anymore.

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I am not a webmaster, but believe these numbers are only going to go up as more people are hit with nasty IE hijackers. We have someone’s computer planned to come for help tomorrow due to the Yahoo IM worm. It will be about 2 hours of deep down cleanup and an immediate install of Firefox.

January 4th, 2009 at 5:24 pm

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