SCALE 8x!!!!!!!!!!

Another wonderful SCALE was enjoyed by all. And we have to wait another year to enjoy this “tuxfiled” vacation. Sigghhhh . . .

Here are some of Beth Lynn Eicher’s candid pictures from SCALE 8x uploaded to Flickr :-)

And here is my LinuxChix LA slideshow that was running on my Chumby at our LinuxChix LA Booth at SCALE 8X!:

LinuxChix LA Chumby Slideshow

Also, this is another post on SCALE 8x WIOS by Scott Ruecker at that will fill in the gaps that our LinuxChix LA live WIOS blog post missed:

SCALE 8x: Day 1 – WIOS Talks

These are just the first SCALE pics and articles online . . . wait another few days and there will be hundreds more :-)
To be continued . . .


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