Best Google Doodle Ever.

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So say I.
Enjoy March 14, Pi Day.

Google Doodle for Pi Day

Google Doodle for Pi Day

Google tweaks nose of net pipe “owners”

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Ooooooooooooooooo. Google tweaks nose of ATT, Comcast, et all by (soon) making available tools which will allow non-technical consumers to see whether their ISP is throttling specific types of traffic. I realize that Google has a self-interest in trying to secure Net neutrality, but a nice side effect is an increase of consumer power.

In a move that’s sure to reignite the smoldering Net neutrality debate, Google has made it possible for Internet users to monitor the way their ISPs manage traffic. Google strongly favors Net neutrality, a principle that requires that no preference be given to one type of traffic over another.