US Senator gets tough with closed source EHR vendors

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Senator Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee overseeing Medicare and Medicaid reads the Riot Act to software vendor over closed source tactics for Electronic Health Records.

These include a “hold harmless” clause – shifting any responsibility for system errors onto the physician and “gag rules” to prevent public disclosure of system defects.

Can it get any more un-open-source than that? Looks like another argument in favor of Open Source software for healthcare.

Updates in the battle over open source healthcare records

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The latest posting at LinuxMedNews seems to indicate things are heating up a little.  What has been getting interesting has been a rising tide of voices including politicians both in the US and Canada as well as OSS vendors. Now there’s an Open Source Letter to President Obama online where the general public is invited to add their comments.

Exciting Pro Open Source Legislation Introduced

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Looks like somebody heard about the potential for this in healthcare. See the info on latest legislation introduced by Rockefeller D-WV.

BTW, a group of public clinics in West Virginia has implemented a variation of the VHA’s open source VistA system, called RPMS and there has been some positive feedback coming out of the project. This is a good example of what I call “VistA in the Wild” – the system being adopted outside it’s native environment at the VHA. This is significant since a barrier to this has been the fact that th VHA is different in ways from the public healthcare sector and the system has had to be adapted for use.  This is something that bears close watching. Maybe people out there are “getting it”.