Oct 27th, 2008 Posted in And You Did What? Where? | 2 Comments »

As a total newb to the Chix, and indeed, to Linux itself, I admit to being scared pantsless yesterday as I parked my car behind Buster’s Coffee Shop.  Everyone is going to be smarter than me!  I won’t have anything to contribute!  Am I nuts?  No one is going to want to talk to me about Linux.

Well, everyone was smarter than me, but cheese! they were more than willing to talk to me about Linux (and much more).  The Chix immediately made me welcome, and proceeded to enlighten, involve, and delight me with ideas, concepts, programs, and vocabulary words that had me making mental notes like mad for a late-night Wikipedia session.  Could anything be better for a new student of Linux and programming?

Thanks, Chixes and Menfolk, for making my first meeting a tweet experience!