sysvconfig, or how I learned to love run levels

Dec 15th, 2008 Posted in Sharing What Have I Learned, System Administration | 2 Comments »

Well, maybe love isn’t quite the right word. More like deal, as learning to deal with run levels.

When I moved over from Redhat to Debian I really missed chkconfig, a wonderful helper script that obviated the need to manually mess around with the symbolic links in the /etc/rc.* family tree.   Ah, but sysvconfig to the rescue.

As an example, while I have Apache installed on my laptop I prefer to run this service selectively on an as needed basis. I mean, I don’t necessary want to make a web server available on my laptop when sipping coffee at my local wifi spot.  While there are other options, like update-rc.d, sysvconfig is, IMHO, the easiest and most intuitive method to enable/disable local services.

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